Retreats & Workshops

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Women’s Work

Jessica has been drawn to work with women only groups for over 5 years and devoted a lot of her time to this important work. She believes women sitting in a circle of other women is valuable in and of itself, but when the intent behind the circle is for each woman to be seen and heard in all her strength and vulnerability, with no judgement, this safe environment becomes profoundly healing. Jessica is gifted at holding these spaces where women can truly open up to their divine nature.

Currently putting on workshops in the North West- contact for timetable


Other Workshops

Divine Feminine Workshop, Self Confidence and Self Compassion (offered at mental health groups and charities), Yin and Yang, Confidence for Women (offered for youth groups), Creating the Life you Desire, Women’s Circles (including holding a monthly Red Tent), EFT for beginners.

Currently putting on workshops in the North West- contact for timetable


Retreat Programmes

Jessica runs retreats that bring many facets of healing, yoga, mindfulness and nature together in an open hearted setting. Available upon request, minimum numbers are required.

Current: Divine Feminine Retreat: 29th September- 1st October 2017

Investment £300 (including accommodation & all delicious vegetarian/ vegan food)

Cae Mabon, Snowdonia, Wales

Contact Jessica to book your place or if you have any questions



Cacao Ceremonies

Jessica has been offering Cacao ceremonies in the North West for four years now. Using raw ceremonial grade chocolate from Mesoamerica or South America the cacao ceremonies are an opportunity to connect deeply to yourself, open your heart centre, release resistance and allow any healing that needs to happen.

During these ceremonies Jessica facilitates a deep healing journey using sacred cacao, sound healing, meditation, drum journeying and releasing techniques.

You will leave feeling balanced, at peace, centred and ready to take the next steps in your life.

Alchemical Chocolate ™ Practitioner E-Training 2016

Contact Jessica to find out when the next ceremony is being held or if you have any questions



Jessica works one on one with clients to really assist them to get on their healing path to wholeness, connection and self- love. This enables a connection with and truly getting to know their heart centres. Each programme is individualised to the participant.

Contact Jessica to book a session or if you have any questions

I can’t thank Jess and the other women who came enough for the time they gave me, it was such an empowering experience to feel comfortable and contented in my femininity and share space and experiences with a supportive group of strangers.
The strength that I drew from being around such a focused and joyous group of women has rippled through since into many things, I look forward to seeing them again!
— Steph Elrick, Wedding Planner, Dancer and Artist
I’m still trying to process and find the words to describe the magical, magical, magical experience that was the retreat in Cae Mabon. It was so perfect. If it wasn’t for the inward shift and painful ankle and missing finger nail I would think it was all a wonderful dream
— Aimee Pegram
I’m soooo full of love and gratitude.....I feel light and clean...and I am finally fully embracing my glorious belly
— Jennifer Fairclough
Magical weekend, in nature, at Cae Mabon sacred land, with the most kind hearted, beautiful, caring, special, crazy, fun, inspirational women
— Jayne Mcallister Davies
Had the most beautiful weekend of my life. <3 Such a beautiful place with gorgeous women. Never laughed so much. I am totally nourished on every level
— Lisa Greenwood
I had a great pleasure taking part in this very special ceremony a few months ago.
Jess is a very thoughtful, caring and wholesome facilitator of this quite unusual yet life changing practice.
— Patrycja Altynska (Reiki Master and therapist, USA)
Jess not only nourished my body (with a special cacao mixture of a very interesting taste and origin) but also created an environment which fed my sense of smell, stimulated my connection to healing sound, sharpened my clairvoyance ability, pleased my eyes and touched my soul. Enabling full alignment of my mind, body and spirit. I left rejuvenated, inspired and deeply satisfied.
— Patrycja Altynska (Reiki Master and therapist, USA)